“What you save is what you got…” – Redd

Posted on February 28, 2013 at 2:20 pm

You may not have heard of Redd Volkaert, but chances are you’ve heard some of his friends. Redd has been playing the country music circuit for almost 40 years. He’s the epitome of the road-weary guitar man who’s played every dingy dive in the country and logged more miles than a worn out 747.  He’s also won a Grammy. It’s fair to say he’s seen a lot.

Redd’s status as an artist has made retirement saving somewhat difficult. However, he has managed to invest in real estate and feels confident that he can continue earning a living in the music business indefinitely. He’s got some very practical advice for younger musicians who may need some guidance about managing their finances.

We originally encountered Redd playing with a big band at a place called the Gypsy Lounge, over on E 6th St. in Austin, TX. The band, and especially Redd, blew us away immediately. We were just walking by on our way to some other now-forgotten place, when the music emanating  from the stage out back just seemed to reach out and draw us in.  I remember just standing there with my jaw wide open while the band blew through old big band jazz tunes and thinking that we were in the greatest place on Earth. We met Redd after his set and arranged to interview him before his Saturday afternoon performance at the famous Continental Club.  He was incredibly gracious and a lot of fun to talk with.

Here’s what he had to say…



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