“My retirement right now is called a life insurance policy.”

— Lou Troiano


Chad Parks // Executive Producer

Chad Parks is Executive Producer for the independently produced documentary, Broken Eggs. He was a born entrepreneur who stumbled upon the film world by being the black sheep of the retirement industry. And with visionary beginnings.

In his youth, Chad had a paper route, auto detailing and lawn maintenance business. In high school and college, he was a chef, caterer, and was an activities director for an international language school.

After giving his hard earned cash to Florida International University, they branded him with a BS in Hospitality Management and a minor in International Relations. From there, Chad fled to the other side of the country, landing in San Francisco to attend Golden Gate University where he got his MS in Finance and began working on a new business—a printed and prolific guidebook called A Taste of San Francisco.

These combined experiences of youthful ambition, start-ups, and university-clad pedigrees, got Chad focused on a totally unlikely career path.

His service-geared roots brought him to become a number-crunching retail stockbroker, then Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Beyond the bean counter, Chad was the ultimate business advocate, and with his entrepreneurial DNA, he drilled in further than any to locate the underserved and economy-supportive businesses that were the foundation of the great United States of America. The small and unappreciated small business.

Chad was knocking on doors—doors where no one was willing to knock, nor enter—and he harnessed the power of the Internet to launch a company focused and geared towards the vision of individual happiness not just for the now. His aim was, and has been, to focus on the you that you’ll meet when you’re 67 years of age—or older.

Having no experience in film, Chad found his passion project in a whirlwind that took him on the road for 7,000 miles, with a film crew and with his entire family, encompassing of his wife, two children, two dogs, a cat, and a (RIP) chameleon.

Emily Probst Miller // Director + Writer

Emily Probst Miller is a producer and writer with a decade’s worth of award-winning documentaries, enterprise investigations and breaking news specials for CNN’s signature talent. Her storytelling fearlessly takes on the most complicated social issues of our time, including an Emmy-nominated documentary on the mortgage meltdown and an unprecedented in-depth investigation into veterans’ disability payments.

A graduate of Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, Probst Miller learned her craft as student journalist investigating a triple homicide case on Texas death row. She and her peers unveiled new evidence prompting DNA testing and national TV appearances for Probst Miller on NBC’s Today show, CBS Evening News and ABC World News. The experience led to her first journalism job at CNN’s worldwide headquarters in Atlanta. During her documentary career, her CNN badge put her in the crosshairs of history from covering 9/11 at Ground Zero to field producing on the Gulf Shores in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. In the 2008 presidential election, Probst Miller secured CNN’s first interview with V.P. nominee Gov. Sarah Palin and her family for the CNN biography Sarah Palin Revealed. But no high-profile interview topped her chance to sit down and interview the legendary Walter Cronkite for a CNN special on the 60th Anniversary of D-day.

Today, Probst Miller — an independent journalist and soon-to-be mother of three (all age three or under!) — tackles the important stories that are least likely to be told in today’s 140-character limit world. Her recent work exposed Tennessee’s county jails overcrowded with young women addicted to prescription pain killers. And in her most ambitious project to date – Broken Eggs, a feature-length film — Probst Miller led the documentary’s team of producers, writers, animators and editors, executing a creative vision that blended comical animations with portraits of everyday Americans reckoning with their inability to retire.

Albert Crim // Writer

After his graduate studies in philosophy at Vanderbilt University, Albert Crim decided to give up the fast cars and glitz and glamor of the academic world to pursue a life in Hollywood. He attended the American Film Institute Conservatory, where he received his MFA with a concentration in screenwriting. His short thesis film, The Monster and the Peanut received an Alfred P. Sloan production grant, was awarded an Emmy by the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences for “Outstanding Student Drama,” and played in festivals across the country.

He currently has several screenplays in development, and travels back and forth between Los Angeles and his home in Eugene, Oregon.

Heather O’Neill // Senior Producer

Heather O’Neill is an Emmy award-winning journalist and producer with more than 19 years of documentary experience. She has produced, directed and written more than 20 long-form specials for CNN’s award-winning documentary series, CNN Presents, creating powerful stories with unforgettable characters.

For 11 years, O’Neill spearheaded documentary projects for CNN in Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, the Palestinian Territories, China, Papua New Guinea, Greenland, Brazil, Mexico, Central America and across Africa. From covering conflicts, to presidential politics, to the dangers of the drug trade, to melting ice caps, she has produced a range of diverse stories that enlighten a rapidly changing world.

O’Neill’s work combines journalism with unparalleled storytelling and a unique visual style. Through memorable journeys and encounters, she develops underreported stories into compelling documentaries. With her proven track record as a versatile producer, O’Neill has directed high-profile CNN correspondents and international teams in some of the most challenging locations.

Over the last decade, she has earned more than a dozen major journalism awards, including the 2005 News and Documentary Emmy Award for Outstanding Feature Story for Charity Hospital, and two George Foster Peabody Awards for CNN’s reporting on Hurricane Katrina and the Gulf Oil Spill. She also received a 2007 Edward R. Murrow Award for CNN’s coverage of the Middle East Conflict and a 2008 National Headliner Award for Planet in Peril. And, as part of the CNN Presents team, O’Neill was honored with the first ever News and Documentary Emmy President’s Award in 2009.

Before joining CNN Presents in 2001, O’Neill was a series field producer with Turner Original Productions, where she worked on the award-winning natural history series Wild!Life Adventures.

O’Neill started her career at Turner Broadcasting in 1994 and holds a BA from Simmons College.

Sylvia Flores // Producer

In her documentary film debut, Sylvia Flores merged minds with Executive Producer Chad Parks, Producer Andrew Meadows, and a four-person film crew, as they embarked on a cross-country discovery tour in early 2012 that served as the foundation for what ultimately became Broken Eggs.

With over 20 years in marketing and advertising, Flores has worked with mega clients including Intel, Microsoft, Carbon Audio, and Apple. Flores has also worked on projects with Jack Johnson, Mariah Carey, Denise Richards and YMCMB’s Lil’ Wayne and Birdman.

In the last few years, Flores has made the move into the retirement financial arena based upon her passion to demystify the subject to the masses. Flores is also a prolific writer in the blogosphere and burgeoning novelist.

Andrew Meadows // Producer

Andrew Meadows is an award-winning public speaker, broadcast personality and advocate for all things retirement. He has worked primarily in the 401(k) and personal finance industry for the past 12 years, weighing heavily on his experience in marketing and media to spread the word and motivate others to plan for their futures.

In the culmination of his entire working career, Meadows found a like mind in Chad Parks who also felt the lack of saving in the U.S. was reaching an all time high.

Broken Eggs began as a road trip across the country to speak to a cross section of citizens and find out if we were truly headed toward trouble. Collaborating with marketing maven and Producer Sylvia Flores and Executive Producer Chad Parks, the film has grown from just a simple RV excursion into a compelling documentary sharing the real-life stories of several generations of Americans.

When not diligently working at the HQ of The Online 401(k), Meadows can be found on Fox Business, MainStreet.com, BenefitsPro, Plan Adviser, Ignites, and even the cover to the July 2013 issue of Employee Benefit Adviser.

Jonathan Boal // Principal Cinematographer

Jonathan Boal started his filmmaking journey by pursing his undergraduate degree in filmmaking from NYU. In 2006, Boal shot and directed the documentary feature E-@thletes, which spanned 10 countries and three continents, following the USA’s top two professional video game teams. E-@thletes played at several festivals and is distributed by Passion River Films.

After college, Boal worked as a freelance shooter and editor in both New York and Philadelphia. He has produced content for companies like Intel, Puma, Maxim, Microsoft, Caterpillar and many others. Over the last few years, he’s shot a couple features and dozens of industrials, shorts and music videos. In 2010, Boal moved to Los Angeles and got an MFA in Cinematography from the American Film Institute. In addition to film, Boal also enjoys, skiing, hiking and the occasional poker game.

Dave Timko // Editor + Producer

Dave Timko is a multi-award winning documentary filmmaker, having recently departed CNN after a distinguished 27-year career. In his combined roles as producer, shooter and editor, Timko has nearly 40 full-length titles to his credit, including God’s Warriors, Black in America, Battle for Blair Mountain, and Grady’s Anatomy. Timko specializes in compelling first-person storytelling with meaningful editorial messages as recognized by his five National Emmy Awards including the very first “President’s Award” for a decade of outstanding documentary storytelling.

Broken Eggs has been a family affair for Dave, having tapped the musical talents of his son David for some of the film’s scoring, and voice-over contributions from his youngest daughter, Emma, who portrays the animated five-year-old boy in the story.

“It’s been an enormous treat and responsibility to help tell a story with such relevancy to every American, through the experiences of a diverse range of characters with every human emotion that implies. I learned something new about retirement every day I worked on editing this film and am so excited about sharing it,” says Timko.

Joe Peery // Animation Director

Joe Peery is a veteran animation director and illustrator in the business for over 25 years. He has created animation for Cartoon Network, TNT and Turner Sports, as well as Comedy Central and F/X. He is traditionally trained in both animation and illustration and has expanded into digital media to create work for Internet uses as well as television.

He enjoys collaborating with clients to create a variety of styles and new approaches for every project.

Dawson McKay // Narrator

Nominated by the Academy of Country Music as “Best Radio Host,” Dawson McKay is a nationally recognized voice actor and morning host on KBEAR 104.1 in Anchorage, Alaska.

Andrew Moore // Videographer and Web Editor

Andrew Moore produced his first feature film, STAR, winning him the Best Directors Award at the 2005 Santa Cruz Film Festival. In addition, Moore has directed TV commercials for Union Bank of California, and produced an online artist video series in collaboration with Pigman Gallery, San Francisco. Some of his clients include: Jack Astor’s, Wine Taste TV, Marin Ventures, Visitation Valley, Solano County, Ozone Advertising, Start Fitness, 499 Commute and Farm to Fit.

Recently, Moore went to Cuba to film Deconstructions, a documentary on photographer Charles Anselmo. Moore also wrote and directed a children’s TV show called Frozen Forward: The Now Adventures of Lewis And Clark.

Jonathan Sargent // Post Editor, Producer, + Animation Composition

As the only male fine art major in his graduating class at Wake Forest, Jonathan Sargent knew he was unique and had a strong passion for great design, color and aesthetic. An internship at CNN Post Production in 1992 convinced him he HAD to be a motion graphics artist and compositor. This was simply not a choice.

Ten years at various post-production houses working with national clients and major TV networks across the US and Canada led Sargent to create RGBtv, a media company specializing in cutting edge design, animation, editing, sound design and 3D.

Dan Schaefer // Sound Design + Mix

Dan Schaefer is an award-winning sound designer who hails from the coastal region of Texas. Currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Dan attended the University of Texas-Austin as well as Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida, specializing in Radio/Television/Film and digital audio recording arts, respectively. Soon after graduation, Dan moved to Atlanta in 1992 and began working for various post-production houses before opening his own studio, theSoundNut, Inc., in 2007.

With over 20 years in the audio production and post-production business, Dan’s vast experience includes editing, sweetening, and mixing shows/series, promos, packaging and image spots for clients such as Discovery Science, History Channel, Travel Channel, Toon Disney, Disney XD, TNT, TBS, CNN, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Boomerang, HGTV, DIY, Spike TV, GPTV, and The Weather Channel…not to mention the many indie films and various pro bono projects for charities and causes he supports personally.

In addition, Dan has provided sound design for many advertising agencies’ radio campaigns and television spots including BBDO, Ogilvey & Mather, Tribune Creative Services, Gari Media Group, Atlanta Motor Speedway, FishEye Media Productions, Moxie Interactive, Fletcher Martin, Grey Advertising, Sawyer Riley Compton, J. Walter Thompson, Austin Kelley, Fitzgerald & Co., West Wayne, Go! Productions, Blue Sky Atlanta, The Titan Agency, Bark-Bark, Lightning Road Productions, and Wahoo Creative. Dan has recorded and mixed many projects for clients such as Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola, BellSouth, American Cancer Society, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, American Express, Georgia Lottery and Georgia Power.