A film about the looming
retirement crisis.

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"We're not robots. We're deteriorating every day organic beings... so there should be an expiration date... And I hope that I'm able to retire prior to that expiration date."-- Cellist Jeanne Jaubert, Age 42

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"A good society doesn't get rid of people once they're done being of 'productive' use 'cause they're retired."-- Stockton City Councilman Michael Tubbs, Age 23

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"It's a moral issue. If the ultimate test of a moral society is the world we leave our children, our grandchildren, this country is failing, and failing miserably at it."-- Nick Troiano, Age 24

"We had a sizable amount for our retirement...had bouts of unemployment that cut into savings...and our retirement. Something’s got to change, or I’ll be that little old bag lady on the corner."-- Julia Beardsley, Age 66

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"Who can really at our age retire when they are 65. [It] just seems like you have to keep working.."-- Debbie Kinkela, Age 41

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"Birthdays are increasingly becoming a gateway to be at risk of being poor or actually near poor. Aging in America is clearly becoming more risky."-- Economist Teresa Ghilarducci, The New School for Social Research

"We can’t Tweet or Facebook this problem away."-- Nick Troiano, Age 24

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